Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is payD?
    payD is a safe and simple way to buy using your PIN-based debit, credit or cheque card and your mobile phone.
  2. How do I make a payment using payD?
    payD works in a similar way to a pay point device at a store or a restaurant. The main difference is that payD will request your card’s ATM PIN on your mobile phone.  See link for the full payD payment process.
  3. How do I register with payD?
    Vodacom users need to dial *141# on their Vodacom handsets, select option 3 “Update All” and wait for the confirmation SMS before doing their first payD transaction (MTN customers do not need to do this step). The rest of the registration process is seamlessly included in your first payD transaction, during which you will be asked to enter your card details and in doing so, accept the payD terms and conditions.
  4. Why is the Vodacom registration process different?
    The Vodacom SIM card needs to be configured to use the payD service. Simply dial *141# on your Vodacom handset, select option 3 “Update All” and wait for the confirmation SMS before using the payD service for the first time.
  5. What bank cards can I use?
    Currently you can use most South African-issued Master or Visa credit cards and any Standard Bank, ABSA or Nedbank debit or cheque card, as long as it has an ATM PIN.
  6. Do I need to open a payD account, or go to my bank branch?
    payD is a payment service and not a banking product, so you don’t need to open an account to use the system. Your payD registration is safely and seamlessly activated with your first transaction. The T&C’s can be found here .
  7. Do I need to download anything to my phone?
    payD does not need any special software or application to run and therefore you don’t have to download anything to your phone. Simply start using payD today!
  8. What kind of phone do I need?
    payD can be used on most mobile handsets as long as you have an MTN or Vodacom SIM card. To be absolutely sure that payD will work for you, your SIM card should be less than four years old.
  9. What does it cost?
    The cost is exactly the same as any pay point transaction. This is dependent on the charges you normally pay your bank for debit, cheque or credit card transactions.
  10. Which PIN do I use?
    Only use the ATM PIN linked to your bank card.
  11. What happens if my card has expired?
    If your card has expired, your transaction will be declined by your bank. You’ll then need to update the card details from those that you previously registered with payD.  To do this, follow the normal payD payment process, but, when you receive the request to authorise your transaction on your mobile phone, simply select ‘change card’ from the menu and continue with the process as prompted by the payD system. 
  12. How do I know payD is safe?
    Please click on this link to view the necessary security information on the “Is payD safe?” page. . If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us on
  13. I have changed my SIM card – can I still use payD?
    Yes. You can continue making transactions as long as your mobile phone number remains the same.
  14. I have changed bank cards – can I use another card to complete a transaction?
    You can deregister your old card and use a new card at any time with the payD system. Simply select ‘change card’ from the menu when asked to authorise your next payD transaction on your mobile phone. Follow the prompts to seamlessly register your new card during your payment transaction with payD. Remember that only one bank card can be linked to your SIM card at a time.
  15. Is there a limit on how much I can transact?
    Your transaction limit is set by your bank. This amount is agreed upon between you and your bank and is not determined by payD.
  16. My transaction has timed out. How do I know if it went through successfully?
    In the event of an interruption during your transaction, it will not be completed and you will need to start the process again. If you would like to confirm that the transaction failed, you can check your bank statement or alternatively contact the merchant.
  17. If my mobile phone network provider is down how will my transactions be processed?
    You will need to be connected to your network provider via sufficient signal on your mobile phone in order to complete a transaction using payD.
  18. Can I link cards that were not issued in South Africa?
    Unfortunately not. This service is currently only available in South Africa to holders of South African-issued, PIN-based bank cards.
  19. My transaction has failed. Why?
    The most common reasons for a failed transaction include the following: 

    • Incompatible SIM card: Older SIM cards (typically more than four years old) will not be able to receive the PIN request. Your network provider can replace your SIM at a nominal cost.
    • Incompatible bank card: Make sure that your card is a PIN-based debit credit or cheque card and that it was issued in South Africa. Credit cards need to reflect the Visa or Mastercard symbol. Any Standard Bank debit or cheque card will be accepted as long as it has an ATM PIN number.
    • Not an MTN or Vodacom subscriber: Currently only MTN and Vodacom users are able to use payD.
    • Incorrect PIN: Remember to use your correct ATM PIN as no other PIN number will be accepted.
    • Insufficient funds: Please check to make sure that there are sufficient funds in your account to cover the cost of the transaction

If you have any additional queries please contact us on