Is payD Safe?

Yes, and here’s why:

Just like entering your PIN number into a point-of-sale device at the checkout counter, when using payD to make a payment on the web, you enter your PIN on your mobile phone.  The payD service encrypts your PIN using the SIM card in your mobile phone so nobody except your bank can read it.  Three elements need to be in place before you can buy with payD.  It’s a bit like having three security gates at your front door:

  • Your bank card:  Your bank card’s details are only entered once.  Your details are encrypted so they can’t be deciphered by anyone else and are then linked to your unique mobile phone number securely.  The payD system has been built and tested to meet the strict Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).
  • Your mobile phone:  Your mobile phone number and your MTN or Vodacom SIM card are required to make a payment.  This unique combination will be used to safely enter your PIN code, so that it can be encrypted and sent to your bank for verification, each time you complete a transaction.  It will also be used to send your authorisation messages.
  • Your secret PIN:  As usual with point-of-sale transactions, your PIN is the key to unlocking the money in your bank account.  Never share this number with anyone.  It’s important to note that your PIN will not be stored anywhere.  It stays your secret.